8" Copper Fold Formed Bowl

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If you were to see an ancient bowl formed during the Copper Age (3500 BCE) it could look like this copper fold formed bowl.  

Serve meals or appetizers, use it for potpourri or use it as a decoration.

  • Each one is different from the others
  • Generally square with folds
  • Heavy gauge copper 
  • Heated, folded and formed with the hammer over and over
  • The edge is cut with the torch then polilshed. 
  • The color is the natural color of copper as it comes from the fire

Your piece has an applied patina and copper cleaner will remove it.  You can polish the edge with Barkeeper's Friend Liquid cleaner.

Each piece is unique - just send us a Private Message on Facebook or email kingfisherdesigns@gmail.com.  We can set up a Facetime or Facebook Messenger conference to show you our current selections.

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