Walk in the Woods Bowl

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Trees and leaves are always a huge inspiration, especially for someone who grew up in the deserts of the South West.  For centuries they have symbolized life, strength, spirituality and so much more.  Walk in the Woods is the distilled essence of our "leaves and trees" designs".

On a table or a special piece of furniture 

    • 14" wide
    • 5" tall
    • Bowl is copper with 17 leaves
    • Pedestal is steel with a grape vine design
    • Weighs 3 lb.
    • 70 days from concept to completion
    • Featured in the Art-Linx exhibition Metalsmithing Exposed!
    • One of a kind - the only one like it in the world

The last picture shows the inspiration and design along with the original copper before chasing. The design of the bowl was hand cut and chased using a hammer and handmade tools.  The pedestal was hand engraved using a free hand technique.  You can see the detail in the copper bowl and the steel pedestal in close up pictures also.

We worked on it for 70 days.  Much of that time I was on restricted vision except for 6 hours a day, so they weren't 8 hour days.

In our Blog I describe How We Made Walk in the Woods and this video (complete with Medieval Music) gives you a further look at How Walk in the Woods Was Made

If you have any questions about this rare piece, please email Museum Store Manager.

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