High Haven Honey

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It is time for figs and we have two trees producing almost more than we can use.  Since it is a once-a- year treat we indulge ourselves with these roasted figs with cheese and drizzled with honey.  This year we have some extra special honey for our long awaited figs - at least the ones the birds and raccoons don't get.
High Haven Honey
A friend from New England sent us some High Haven Honey and it is wonderful.  The flavor is very different from what we have in the South East US.  It has more of a rich taste and the color has a beautiful red undertone.  They also have bees wax candles.  Just imagine!  He has over 350,000 bees hard at work making this beautiful honey.
The honey dipper is one of ours and you can find them in our own Online Shop.

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