Wee Dram

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What a night!  The band played all of  your favorites and you had the time of your life.  Winning the Newport Regatta was the cherry on top of a long battle with the sea and the wind.  You had almost capsized the Calcutta in an effort to round the last mark before the other IC 37's in  your class --- but you made it.

Everyone who was anyone was at the after party and those "everyones"  all wanted to meet the winner.  Of course everyone wanted to toast your success and you would never have made it thru this sparkling night if you had not been toasting out of your own Wee Dram.  This rare top shelf Silver Fusion copper Wee Dram is just right for a taste or a toast.

  • .75 oz.
  • Copper
  • Sterling silver fused to the copper under the torch.
  • What is Silver Fusion?
  • The patina on this piece was added on purpose to enhance the contrast between the copper and the silver.  Copper cleaner will remove the patina.

The silver is actually fused to the copper under the torch.  It will not flake off or wear off.  The patina on this piece allows the silver to show up well.  

Copper will develop a natural patina that is influenced by the environment in your own home. You might like the patina or prefer it to have a polished look, which is easy to keep. A sample of Wright's Copper Cream is included with your purchase. Learn to care for your copper here - Copper Care Guide


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