It's Candy Corn Season

candy corn chicken feed copper bowl copper pedestal bowl fall candy pedestal bowl philodendron bowl

Bowl with candy corn in it

philodendron bowl with candy corn

 Candy Corn used to be called Chicken Feed.  Some people just love it, but it seems kind of like Peeps - something you should like because it is "in season".  One description I read said that the flavor is somewhat "polarizing".  That is a little more elegant way to put it.  So the question is - do you like candy corn or are you on the side of "not so much".

The candy corn does look pretty nice in this one-of-a-kind pedestal bowl.  This one has gone to a collector, but we do make several one-of-a-kind pieces every year and special made-to-order pieces too.  You can keep up to date with what we are making by joining our mailing list.

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