Chapter 7 - Rick’s Boat Guest

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"Now, you can't be doin' that," said Rick rubbing his head. He grabbed the small hand and held it still. The hand felt frail in his hand. Looked as if the boy hadn't eaten in a while.

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Rick covered his charge with a blanket and went below to heat some water to wash him off. Flog made himself useful by walking across the visitor’s chest.  A hand automatically went to the warm furry back for comfort.

 Rick didn't realize that brilliant blue green eyes peered through incredibly long lashes watching his every move. The visitor's eyes close as Rick turned and approached with the warm water and a rag.

In the silence, Rick realized that the visitor's breathing pattern had changed and saw the small hand resting on Flog. 

The visitor, comforted by Flog, decided to allow Rick to wash away the grime from his face. Looking at the fine features with the long golden tipped eyelashes an the sandy hair curling around the delicate face, made Rick look closer. 

His eyes trailed down toward the bare toes, and he realized that person he had rescued was definitely a female.  While he was wringing the cloth, he looked up and deep into the blue green eyes for the first time.

"Who in the world are you?" growled the angry voice of Rick’s visitor. "Where's my boat? Why am I here?" She jerked herself upright spilling the warm water all over Flog and pushing Rick to the floor.

Flog screeched and scratched Rick on his way out of the companionway.   Rick jumped to his feet holding both hands out to protect himself. "Calm down. You drifted in during the storm. I anchored your boat and brought you here to clean you up and see if you were hurt. Do you want a cup of tea?"

The fast movement made the visitor dizzy and she fell back to the bunk with her hands over her eyes.  Rick turned to pick up the cup and held it out saying, "Just for now, lets call a truce. Rest until tomorrow."

Great Circle Table of Contents

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Photo by mali maeder from Pexels


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