Forging on the River

appetizer bowl copper bowl copper leaf bowl grape leaf bowl Kingfisher Designs salt spoon spice set tasting spoon twig spoon

We have frequent requests for donation of our work and usually we will make a donation of money instead for several reason, but we are honored to use our metal work to support the Metal Museum in their mission to "The mission of the Metal Museum is to preserve, promote, and advance the art and craft of fine metalwork." 
From their beautiful campus on the cliff over the Mississippi River they tell the story of metalwork and metal workers with exhibitions, classes and special events throughout the year.  We want to help them tell this story.
We are happy to donate one of our grape leaf bowls and twig spoons for their fundraiser at Forging on the River April 1 - 5, 2020.  For those of you in Memphis this would be a great chance to visit the museum.
You can shop for your own Copper Grape Leaf Bowl and Twig Spoon in our online store.

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