8 Essentials for Game Day

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Even though we are barely into fall, the football games have started, and so has tailgating. Crisp days and afternoons filled with school spirit, fun and friends are the "order of the day".  We have a few creative ideas for gifting or using yourself, including some hand made pieces that they will love.
Monstera Leaf Skimmer
Dip your shrimp or crawfish out of boiling water 
or the frying pan with this handmade copper Monstera Leaf Skimmer
  1. They will tailgate in style with a Portable Picnic Table.
  2. Take this Herbal Cheese Spread to share for the party.
  3. Warm up the crowd with a beautiful Portable Fire Pit
  4. Tailgaters will enjoy the Inflatable Cooler for game day.
  5. Tailgating and cooking outdoors call for a great big ladle to serve the chili or gumbo.  Your favorite outdoor cook will love this Giant Ladle.
  6. Solar powered TV gives you all of the details of a daytime game without starting up the generator.
  7. Ignore the weather and show your spirit with a Custom Logo Canopy.
  8. Clean it up before you go.  Use a Collapsible Trash can.

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