8 Great Gifts for the Cooks, Tailgaters, Foodies and Kitchinistas in Your Life

Even though we are barely into fall, many of us have started thinking about your holiday shopping list.  For those "kitchenistas" on your list, we have a few creative ideas, including some hand made pieces that they will love.
Long handled copper tasting spoon
  1. Truffles are such a luxury!  But once you experience the taste you will wonder how you never knew about it before.  Truffle oil is affordable and available from several online sources.  Great in vegetables, on eggs - honestly, even drizzled on a soda cracker.
  2. The best cooks taste as they go and what would be better than this beautiful copper tasting spoon.  It has a long handle to reach into the pot and a wide bowl to cool faster for tasting.  Long Handle Tasting Spoon
  3. Try a very special piece of pottery.  A beautiful mug or teapot from  Bumble Bee Pottery would be perfect for an impromptu tea party featuring warm home made cookies.
  4. Consider a spice collection for the adventurous cook.  You can pick a region and package fresh spices used in the traditional cooking in nice glass jars or tins.  Try Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern or my favorite, Indian spices. 
  5. Every cook needs a favorite wooden spoon.  The best we have found is at Windham Woodworks.
  6. A nice mat, rice paddle and supply of Nori will make the health conscious cook's "favorite gift" list.
  7. Tailgating and cooking outdoors call for a great big ladle to serve the chili or gumbo.  Your favorite outdoor cook will love this giant ladle.
  8. For those cooks who love to make a beautiful appetizer, these one-of-a-kind knives come with a beautiful cutting board to serve with a favorite cheese or fruit and cheese combinations.  Knives
  9. Small Knife
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